Keeping My Little Girl Little

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My little girl just turned seven. Seven! I am a parent to a seven year old, so unreal. This little girl has grown up so much it’s unbelievable. She is beginning to get that little girl attitude mixed in with the teenager moodiness (I’m assuming, since I have not yet raised a teenager, I only know from being one myself).

She is a beautiful little girl and so loving, kind, thoughtful and she is super creative and quite ingenious. I can’t help but think how these years are soon going to pass and how these are the years that will most shape who she will become. I am finding myself being very aware that she needs more than just mom. She needs more than mom-who-teaches-and-guides-her-mom. She needs mom-who-I-can-tell-everything-to-because-she-not-only-listens-but-she-gets-me-mom.

keeping my little girl little 2

I’m on a mission to be intentional with making opportunities to spend time with my daughter. I want to grow our relationship so when the really tough stuff happens she knows that I am there for her. She knows she can trust me.

We have started a notebook that is just ours. It’s only a simple spiral notebook where I write a letter or note to her and she writes me back. It’s a great way for us to foster our mother- daughter relationship and build the foundation for the upcoming years.

We go on Mommy/ Daughter Dates. Recently we spent time at a pottery place where you pick your piece to glaze and then pick it up a week later. We’ve gone for frozen yogurt. We have walked the mall. When it’s nice we’ll pack a special picnic.

I’ve also found that when I spend time with her in the morning in her bed as she’s waking up (or even at bedtime) her behavior is beautiful. She loves these little one on one moments because it shows her I’m listening, I care, and I want to know her more. I love being able to look her in the eyes and really listen. It’s that special bonding you don’t get during the day in the midst of doing life.

I’m not sure what it is about her turning seven but she’s automatically that much older and “grown up.” It’s cliche, but they are little for only so long and this short time we have with our children as children goes by so quickly. It’s time to slow down with purposeful teachings and time to slow down by spending time intentionally getting know this wonderful little girl.

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