15 Reasons to Homeschool

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Why homeschool? This is usually the easiest question to answer for most families. There is always at least 1-2 reasons you can rattle off to the inquiring mind as to why you won’t be sending your kids to school or why you have withdrawn them in order to homeschool.


These are a few of my favorites:

  1. You get to spend more time with your kids. I love watching my kids grow and watching them to see the kind of person they are becoming. Some days it feels like they’ll be adults before I know it. I don’t want to miss this. And there are definitely days where I am just done, I still wouldn’t change the fact that I get to spend my days with my children.
  2. You are the biggest influence in your children’s lives. For me, personally, I can’t imagine sending my kids away for 6-8 hours a day having other people who I don’t know make such a huge impression on my kids. This is the part where I want to teach my kids a Christian worldview. It’s nice to know that I don’t have as many things working against me when I’m the one spending the majority of time with my kids.
  3. You get to teach your kids what is most important. Again, showing my kids who Jesus is is that important to me.
  4. You get to read to your kids whenever you want, and wherever you want. Read alouds! We cuddle on the couch, we sit at the table, we picnic in the park, we pop in an audio book in the car… this is so fun to share and listen to stories together.
  5. Your kids will get to spend more time outdoors. One of the best things for your kids is fresh air and sunshine. Go outside and play. You too, momma, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go again.
  6. You can take a vacation or road trip (almost) whenever you want. Aside from figuring out hubby’s schedule (and budgeting) there’s no need to wait for summer vacation to take a vacation.
  7. Your children don’t have to sit all day long. Because who wants to do that.
  8. If your kids get bored, they can learn to be creative. In the classroom a bored student easily becomes the disconnected or trouble making student. At home, your student can move more quickly through the material. Or they can learn how to entertain themselves and use their creative brain muscles and well, create!
  9. You know who your kid’s friends are, and you probably know who their parents are too, you might even be friends. Typically homeschoolers gather with other homeschoolers. This will be likely at some point in your homeschooling years.
  10. You can set your schedule or routine to fit the needs of your family. Kids wake up super early? Great! You get to school and get your lessons finished early in the day. Kids are late risers? Fine! They learn to manage their time and finish their lessons in the afternoon. Setting your schedule to being able to spend more time with your husband who works crazy hours or if you work a part time job out of the house. Homeschooling allows for flexibility and customization to what works for you in whatever season of life you’re in at the moment.
  11. You have more time to follow the interests of your children. Homeschooling allows for morning or early afternoon theater, dance, music, gymnastics, what have you lessons. Your kids can have time to delve more deeply into a subject that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Plus you can be their cheerleader and help guide them while they are pursuing whatever it is that interests them.
  12. You can move at a pace that works for your child. Some things your child will pick up on easily, other things not so much. Working at a pace that your child needs serves the needs of your child, not the needs of the many in the classroom setting.
  13. You know what your child is learning, and what he’s not. As your child’s teacher you get first hand experience in knowing what your student is actually learning and what she needs a little more work on.
  14. You know what your child finds challenging and what she thinks is easy. Teaching your child will help you know how to tailor her education.
  15. You can do life together, as a family. Homeschooling is a family oriented education. How great is it to be able to experience life, learning as you go, with your family there beside you?


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