Impressionist Art Tutorial for your Homeschool

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Our family is involved in a wonderful co-op that meets bi-weekly. We have been attending for three sessions now and this is my second time teaching. What I love about this particular co-op is that the parents create the classes.

We say “Hey, I’d love to teach such and such for this age group” and the leaders compile all the proposals and from there creates the schedule. Every session is different and every session has amazing offerings.

There have been classes such as Plymouth Colony, Ancient Waterways, American Girl History, Messy Art, Mixed aged chorus, Story time, Jewelry Making, and the list goes on with the awesome classes these moms come up with. Each class is taught with a teaching team of two moms (or dads) to help keep the work load light and prevent burnout.

Last session, since we (hubby and I) keep worms for composting, we (co-teacher and I) created a class about Vermicomposting and even had the kids take care of their own mini worm bin. This session I am co-teaching with my very good friend, we are teaching a class called Time Travelers in France.

Which brings me to this post today… we are traveling back in time to visit the Impressionists! Art is definitely a huge part of French culture and history, so, of course, we couldn’t leave it out. We started with talking about a few different art movements and showed artwork from six French artists.

At the end of class we explained to the kids (we have a class of 7-9 year olds) that they would get to paint on canvas just like the Impressionists during our next class. We helped them choose a work of art by looking in the many books we borrowed from the library. The objective was to find an artwork that they wanted to copy and paint themselves.

We have two weeks between classes and we really want the kids to feel successful in their painting. We gave “homework” for the kids to prepare and be ready to start painting when they come to class.

The homework is to choose an artwork to copy from a French Impressionist painter. Next they need to have a copy of the work printed out and have a piece of paper to draw the basic shapes they see in that work. After the basic shapes are sketched out then they label the drawing with the background colors for each shape. Then they list the colors they will need in order to paint the details.

The painting I have chosen for this demonstration is Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and her Son -1875, by Claude Monet.

Here is my video tutorial:

I’m hoping this exercise will prepare them to to come into class ready to get their paint colors and ready to get to work. One student chose Two Sisters by Renoir which is a little more detailed of an artwork than I thought would be chosen. But I’m excited to see how all the kids will do.

In preparation to better understand the assignment for class, I have also created a video showing an example of how they are going to approach painting and copying their chosen artwork:

I have faith in these kids that they will take on this project with confidence and excitement. However, I am also going to be prepared with a video tutorial to show during class so if the kids decide to follow along with that instead, they may. This would be treated more like one of those paint night events where you paint alongside the artist instructor.

On the day of class when the students come in I will have the tables ready with their canvas and paint brushes. I’ll explain that the kids may choose to paint the artwork that they prepared or they may choose to follow along with the video and paint what he is painting.

My co-teacher also pointed out that if the homework we assigned wasn’t completed then those kids would be lost when they came into class. Another great reason for the back up plan of playing the video demonstration.

Here is the YouTube video (part 1 out of 4) from Will Kemp Art School we’ll be playing for the kids during our 50 minute class:

Wish us luck and stay tuned to find out how this class went.

Do you have any favorite art tutorials?


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