10 Ways to Prepare for a Homeschool Convention

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This weekend is the “local” homeschool convention near me. I have attended this homeschool convention for the last three years, and sadly I won’t be able to go this weekend.

But I know many of you are planning to attend a homeschool convention near you and I would like to share how to prepare to make the most of your experience.

This list assumes that child care and hotel arrangements (if applicable) are already made. You’ve already registered and now it’s time to hop in the car and go!

1. Expectations – What do you want to get out of attending the homeschool convention?

Do you just want to soak it all in and figure it out as you go? or do you have a specific speaker you want to see, or a specific curriculum to buy in the vendor hall?

It’s okay to go there not knowing what to expect and to play it by ear. But you’ll find the convention less overwhelming (especially for first time attenders) if you can think of one thing you want to learn or one person you want to hear speak or one curriculum you want to check out.

With just a little focus and direction you’ll come away from the weekend encouraged.

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