Welcome to Roots & Books! I’m so happy to have you join me in this homeschool adventure!

I began Roots & Books because I wanted to help other homeschooling families. I want to help other moms feel confident in their homeschool and provide lots of ideas and encouragement. When I first started to research homeschooling, it was quite daunting. But reading other blogs really helped, I want to do the same.

We are in this together, you are not alone! Whether you are just getting started or have been at this wonderful homeschool thing for a while, I hope to provide helpful resources, ideas, and encouragement.

You can find posts on anything from Homeschooling 101 to the Charlotte Mason Philosophy to marriage to meal planning to Christian Faith. Because it’s all part of this homeschool life.

I love talking about homeschool and helping out other mommas. I’m not an “expert” but I’m learning everything I can and I know Homschooling can be hard; sometimes, we get to a point where we just don’t know what to do. It can be overwhelming, especially when just starting out. But it doesn’t have to be. Take a look around and feel free to join in the conversation.

We primarily use the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education in our homeschool. If  you aren’t familiar with Charlotte Mason then check out this great resource. I am a fan… so you’ll find plenty of how to’s and posts about how we use CM.

You may also find me talking about marriage, parenting, budgeting, and other home related thoughts because these life things are interconnected with homeschooling. And you may find posts about my Christian Faith. Check out my story!

My homeschool journey began when my hubby and I were discussing education for our then three year old daughter. He was burned by personal experience with the public school system so that was out. I had friends who had gone to a Montessori school for elementary and it seemed like a great path, except for the price tag. Enter in homeschool. I looked around a while learning all I could and came to the conclusion that I would homeschool her until 2nd grade. Then hubby and I attended a homeschool convention. Done. Decided. Homeschooling is right for us. And we’ll be taking our kids on this journey through high school.

Over the years our reasons to home educate have evolved. It’s so ever important to us that our children grow up with a Christian worldview. We want them to learn to love God and love others. And we believe the best way to do that is to choose where, when, and how to educate them.

We are always growing and always learning. Roots & Books is all about how we are growing in this homeschool life. Let’s build one another up and create a community where we can learn from one another. Grab your coffee (or tea!) and join me.